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Our Vineyards

In 2011 we planted a small experimental, very high density (.1 hector with about 1200 vines) vineyard of Pinot Noir grapes at an altitude of 400 meters (1,300ft.). Our first vintage was in 2013. After some success with this vineyard, Il Giardino (The Garden), I decided to expand.
In 2016, we planted a higher-up vineyard on our property at 500 meters (1,650ft.). It was named Split Rock because of a large boulder that was pulled out of the vineyard during the field preparation before planting. While transporting the boulder closer to the road to use as decoration, the boulder split when it was set on the ground. I then knew I had a name for the vineyard.

The west end of the Split Rock vineyard is planted with 5,000 (.75 hectares) of mixed clone vines. In Italy, the mixed clone field blend is referred to as a "Selezione Massale" (Mass Selection). The vine cuttings are selected from vineyards in Burgundy where the specific clones are not known and are likely mixed. The vines in these vineyards are tagged over the years for their genetic diversity, disease resistance, and general vigor. Also in 2016, in the east end of Split Rock, we planted 2,200 (.35 hectares)
of clone 115, the same clone planted in Il Giardino.

In 2018, we planted an additional 3,200 vines (about .45 hectares) of clone 115 for a total of .8 hectares of 115 in Split Rock East. The total for the Split Rock vineyard was 1.55 hectares. 
At the same time in 2018, we planted 3,600 (.55 hectares) of clone 777 across the road from Split Rock. We call this vineyard Campo Alto (High Field) because it is the highest part of the two fields.

In June of 2021, we planted 5,700 (.8 hectares) of clone 667. We named this vineyard La Cava (The Quarry) because it is just above an old abandoned quarry.

We now have 3 hectares (7 1/2 acres) of vineyards for a modest production of wine made from 100% organically grown Pinot Noir grapes. We plan on planting at least another 2 hectares for a total of about 5 - 6 hectares in the next few years.

Summary of Vineyards

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