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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the word Longaia mean?
    The word 'Longaia' came from the first aerial photograph we could find of our property. The black and white image taken in 1954 was from the agriculture department in the region of Tuscany. When we looked at the proposed site for the vineyard in this old photograph, we found the word L O N G A I A scrawled across the field where we wanted to plant the vineyard. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had the name of the future winery. It is not an actual word in Italian that we can find, but it seems to roughly mean a long courtyard or field.
  • Do you have vineyard and cantina tours?
    Limited. We will be happy to show you our vineyards and what there is of our currently under construction cantina.
  • Do you have wine tastings?
    Yes, we are starting to have limited wine tastings until we can offer more options when our cantina is finished. Please call us to schedule a tasting.
  • Does it cost anything to join Club Vino-EVOO?
    It is free to join. You can also make changes to your club level, skip a shipment and opt-out at any time.
  • Is Pinot Nero the same as Pinot Noir?
    Yes. Pinot Nero in Italian means Pinot Noir. Here are some other ways Pinot Noir is called in different countries: France (and most countries) - Pinot Noir Italy - Pinot Nero Germany - Spätburgunder Austria - Blauburgunder and Blauer Spätburgunder According to Wikipedia, it is AKA: Blauer Arbst, Burgunder, Cortaillod, Morillon, Morillon Noir, Mourillon, Savagnin Noir or Salvagnin Noir.
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