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Longaia is a boutique winery in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. We make a modest amount of Pinot Noir wine and Extra Vergin Olive Oil on our certified organic farm. The cantina pictured below is under construction. We anticipate completion of the cantina at about the end of 2024.
Photo Renderings of future Winery

For a larger image, right click and then select 'View Image' or  'Open Image In A New Tab'.

Rendering of Longaia Winery cantina
Design by Arch. Silvia Nucci, Studio Tecnico ROCCHI
Rendering of Longaia Winery cantina
Ground Floor: Fermentation, Barrel Ageing and Bottle Ageing
Upper Floor: Tasting Room, Kitchen, Dinning Areas and Office
The fermentation tanks, barrel room, bottle aging, and storage area are on the ground floor.
The tasting room, kitchen, office, and outside covered patio area are on the upper floor.
Ground floor plan of Longaia Winery
Upper level floor plan of Longaia Winery
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